Who Are We?

ArborCare and Consulting is owned by Kevin Belter. He is
both an accomplished Certified Arborist by the International
Society of Arboriculture as well as Tree Risk Assessment
Qualified by ISA, and trained by the ISA and the Texas Forest
Service as an Oak Wilt Specialist. Kevin is a member of the elite,
American Society of Consulting Arborists and a founding
member of the San Antonio Arborist Association. Through
intense study and dedication, he has obtained a Texas
Department of Agriculture license in both Ornamental and Turf
as well as Fruit, Nut, Vegetable, and Grapevines. He has over
ten years experience servicing this industry within the Texas Hill
Country, and is a
cum laude graduate of St. Mary's University.
Besides administrative duties, he also performs the work - from
tree and shrub trimming and tree planting to creating expansive
tree preservation plans and tree appraisals.  His father - John,
assists in an advisorial capacity with the business plan and with
the various accounting aspects. Kevin's mother Jeanette and
his daughter Grace Marie (who apparently decided to decorate
this particular page (when she was four yrs. old! :) both ensure
there is plenty of moral support and incentive to make steady
progress at realizing our business mission. We also partner with
Top Quality Landscape and Property Maintenance in order to
provide the full spectrum of services you may need for your

What Is Our Business Mission?

Our business mission is that, through providing tree services
that reflect the best of workmanship and present-day scientific
advances in the green industry, we will be able to make
significant contributions to the preservation of not only your
trees, but also to our gorgeous parks, and the heritage trees in
our urban forests here in the hill country. We will strive to
accomplish this by sharing our knowledge with our clients and
potential clients, through volunteer efforts, and by the
organizations we chose to belong to and sponsor, such as the
Cibolo Nature Center in Boerne.
About Us