Oak Wilt Symptoms in the White Oak Family

Bigelow Oak Symptoms (also known as the Shin Oak)

Quercus sinuata var. breviloba

There is way too much confusion with nomenclature with this tree species. Most call it a (“bastard”) white shin oak. There are four other oak species each with their own unique latin etymology. Generic names like shin or scrub actually make identification more of a challenge rather than easier – the purpose for common names to begin with.

This tree is also called a Limestone Durand Oak as it is genetically a sub-species of the Durand Oak (sinauta, sinuata), but by way of recognizing the unique aspects of this tree – I prefer to call it most often the Bigelow Oak. Note the first picture – for those who know this tree by its very unique paper shell, exfoliating bark one would likely conclude it is undoubtedly a Bigelow. Surprise surprise, the branching structure, leaf shape and color is Live Oak.

These two trees cross-pollinate. These two trees regularly graft. If one or the other gets oak wilt, one should anticipate the odds are quite high that most of the trees in neighboring or converged mots are connected. This white oak is not resistant to oak wilt!


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