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On behalf of myself, my green industry colleagues, and most importantly to assist the TFS and other applicable public agencies in their service to Texans who would like further details on oak wilt – I have begun an ongoing campaign of public information requests (PIR’s) in order to disseminate the information received via numerous means (website, youtube, presentations, emails, etc.). I hope that not only for the public, the industry but also for the state agencies this PIR campaign is a learning experience and opportunity to fulfill the agency’s “Compact with Texans” in a manner of humility, honesty, and admitting faults as well as making restitution as appropriate. PIR’s/Open Record Requests/FOIA’s (Freedom of Information Act) are a foundational tool and expression of our First Amendment rights and when applicable an integral means of the pursuit of seeking redress from our government and its agencies (local, state, or federal). I encourage the reader to suggest to me further PIR requests to consider asking for or if the reader has made some previously that they would like me to post – please feel free to contact me. I will present the PIR’s within a theme-topic approach as opposed to a chronological approach.

PIR's Regarding White Oaks & Oak Wilt

PIR Image
PIR image
PIR Response

This is the final response regarding the above PIR

PIR Image

PIR's Regarding Trenching

PIR with Corrections

Open Records Request: D000010-010220

Screen Shot 2020 01 23 At 9.37.17 Am
Pir Rquests With Edits

Lakeway Trenching Success Summary

Comp Trenching Success Summary

PIR's Regarding Herbicide Use

PIR's Regarding The Texas Oak Wilt Suppression Project (TOWSP)

Screen Shot 2020 03 02 At 3.08.37 Pm
Screen Shot 2020 03 02 At 3.09.03 Pm

TOWSP meeting disposition


FOIA Request Image
Original Request


The final response to this request. Click to view the entire response.


Oak Wilt Maps


Click above to view the map.

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