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Oak Wilt Maps

Oak Wilt Maps

Click on a map image below to open it in full.

*we will periodically be updating these maps as available.

This excellent resource is courtesy of the COA arborists Emily King, April Rose, and Keith Babberney, et al.

Austin, TX Oak Wilt Map

Oak Wilt Map Austin Tx

This map is courtesy of the devotion and hard work of retired state forester Mark Duff.

Hollywood Park, TX Oak Wilt Map

Hollywood Park Oak Wilt Map

Under the leadership of Shane Harrington and Bill Oates of the Texas A&M Forest Service, the maps below are offered to help the following communities affected with oak wilt.

We at ArborCare and Consulting are grateful for their efforts and hope to encourage the viewers to seek further much needed resources and support from the state of Texas to assist them in their fight to help us combat this devastating tree disease. 

Fair Oaks Ranch, TX Oak Wilt Map

Fair Oaks Ranch Texas Oak Wilt Map

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