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Native Trees & Planting

Evergreen Trees

As a refresher, the themes that govern the topics of my articles are that of diversity and xeriscape. As we enter this holiday season, a look into underused evergreens seems...Read more

Tree Planting & Care

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked is: “When is the best time to plant a tree?” To their surprise, I respond unequivocally that winter is the best time...Read more

Texas Hill Country Autumn Color

In last year’s November article, I explained the physiological and conditional factors that cause autumnal color change. In that article, I briefly listed both native and naturalized tree species that...Read more

Cedar Myths Debunked

I frequently am hired to help clients approach the development of the raw tract of land they just purchased. Without exception, I encounter surprise and curiosity when I strongly...Read more

Autumn Tree Color

Fall color change in central Texas may not have quite the grandeur of the New England area, but its less frequent occurrences can create an even more stark contrast...Read more

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