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Trees & Wildlife

Honey Bees

Honey Bees. Our hard-working, honey-making friends are in a precarious situation, and their future does not look good if we don’t take action. This all-important insect is responsible for the...Read more

Landscape Design Improvements

Turf is high maintenance—from mowing, to water use, to chemical applications for fungus, weeds, or insects that damage your grass. A very good way to decrease expenditures, water usage, and...Read more

Cute or a Pest?

Squirrels are likely the most frequent uninvited “guests” to your property—as far as mammals go, anyway! Many of you may be excited to see them; maybe you find them cute...Read more

Porcupines & Woodpeckers vs. Trees…

…And the terrorists win! Not only do they win, but the porcupine somehow miraculously does not lose its teeth stripping bark over its lifetime and the woodpecker manages the impossible...Read more

Deer & Trees & Such

Bambi is cute. His daddy and momma are majestic and elegant—and all of them are very, very hungry! No doubt you have noticed that deer these days are becoming bolder...Read more

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