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Please be sure to visit our Levels of Pruning page.

Pruning Dilemma II

Currently, the state of Texas does not require any licensing for tree contractors. There are many contractors such as electricians, plumbers, irrigators, and pest control contractors (to name just a...Read more

Arborist Pruning Tools

As a board-certified master arborist whose principal duty is as an elite consultant, it is my privilege to meet property owners who love trees as much as I do....Read more

Pruning Dilemma I

I am most frequently asked the question: “When is the best time to prune my trees?” If only you knew what a complicated question that is! So here comes my...Read more

Fruit & Floral Tree Pruning

I often see ornamental trees improperly pruned. Pruning is an art. It is an expression of the soul and offers one an opportunity to commune with this beautiful world we...Read more

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